Rheumatology Course

For 2018 only, the above course delivered by Andrew is being combined with Jack March’s ‘Rheumatology in MSK’ one day masterclass to make a two-day workshop – only a few places remain so do not miss out!

Jack March is the Clinical Lead for the Rheumatology service delivered by Chews Health and is a staple voice behind The Physio Matters Podcast. He has written articles on the recognition of Rheumatological presentations within the Musculoskeletal clinic with his ‘Recognising RA Tool’ being downloaded.

This course will cover the recognition of Rheumatology and Systemic Inflammatory Disorders; following recognition the appropriate immediate management, investigations and onward referral as well as the required Physiotherapy management of such presentations.

The course is suitable for all Physiotherapists in Musculoskeletal settings who are involved in the recognition, monitoring or management of Rheumatology disorders. It will be particularly useful to First Contact Practitioners, aspiring Advanced Practice Physiotherapists (APPS) or experienced APPs looking for an update.
You can choose to attend either one day of the week (i.e. Red Flags or Rheumatology) or you can attend both for a discounted fee!

Course Outline:

Day 1 of this course is as per ‘Red Flags, Serious Spinal Pathology and Systems Thinking’ with the omission of ‘Inflammatory Flags’ in the final session.

Day 2



Rheumatology Overview

Differential Diagnosis: AxSpA/RA/PsA

Introduction to Case Study


11.15am:Assessment of Rheumatology Conditions

Subjective Features

Objective Features

Ongoing monitoring

Aims & Objectives of Treatment


1.15pm:Specific Management of AxSpA/RA/PsA

BSR/EULAR Guidelines


3.15pm:Management planning for Case Studies

4.15pm:Summary and Questions



Dates & Locations:

29th and 30th September, Sheffield (29th = Rheumatology)

10th and 11th November, London (11th = Rheumatology)

1st and 2nd December, Edinburgh (2nd = Rheumatology

To book a place please do so here: