Red Flags, Serious Spinal Pathology and Systems Thinking

This one-day workshop focuses on the development of clinical reasoning in relation to the detection of non-musculoskeletal disorders presenting within the Musculoskeletal clinic through a perspective of ‘Systems Thinking’. Andrew discusses the utility of Red Flags and how to incorporate these alongside ‘Systems Thinking’ to aid clinical reasoning. There is a focus on Serious Spinal Pathology throughout the day however, peripheral presentations are also discussed.

Alongside development of reasoning, clinical decision making within an appropriate governance structure to ensure the correct investigations are carried out by the appropriate clinician in the appropriate setting, thus ensuring the right patient is seen by the right person at the right time. Andrew was invited to speak on Red Flags for Episode 51 of The Physio Matters Podcast with over 30,000 downloads to date! Check it out here: http://www.podcasts.com/the-physio-matters-podcast

Who is this course suitable for?

Due to the changing nature of Musculoskeletal (MSK) service delivery, this course is suitable for all MSK Practitioners. It will be particularly useful to First Contact Practitioners, aspiring Advanced Practice Physiotherapists (APPS) or experienced APPs looking for an update.

Dates & Locations:

16th June 2018, Airedale


For any questions or queries about the course please contact Lynn on: secretary@remedycourses.co.uk